Fuse terminal block RSP 4

Fuse terminal block RSP 4
Manufacturer code: A631210
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Conductor cross section [mm2]4
Nominal current [A]6,3
Short-circuit current strength [A]1500
Maximum operating voltage [V]250
Nominal insulating voltage Ui [V] 400
Impulse voltage U (imp) [kV]4
Contamination class (acc. ČSN EN 60947-7-1, art.7.1.3)2
IP code (close/open fuse holder)20 / 10
TestingČSN EN 60947-7-3
Type of connection / screwdriver blade (cross/flat)screw / PH 0 / 0,5x3
Number of connection points2
Clamping screwM3
Tightening torque [Nm]0,5
Width [mm]9
Height [mm]46,3
Length [mm]55
Weight [g]12
Packing (pc)25

Conductor cross section

Minimum cross section of conductors [mm2]0,5
Maximum cross section of conductors [mm2]6
Solid conductor [mm2]0,5-6
Sttranded conductor [mm2]0,5-4
Flexible stranded conductor [mm2]0,5-4
2 x solid conductor, stranded conductor [mm2]0,5-2,5
2 x Tuhý solid conductor, flexible stranded conductor) [mm2]0,5-1,5
3 x solid conductor, stranded conductor [mm2]0,5-1
3 x flexible stranded conductor [mm2]0,5-1
Max. cross section 1 x stranded conductor with wire-end ferrules and plastic collars 4
Stripping length [mm]9,5
Recommended ferrule length [mm]10

System specification

Number of connection points2
Number of terminal floors1
Need to end partitionno
Type of ppliance fuseF, M, T size 5x20
Type of recommended fuseSIBA (ceramic)
Assembly methodFastening on the DIN rail
DIN railTH 15 x 5,5, TH 35 x 15, TH 35 x 7,5, G32


Insulating bodyPolyamide (PA), inflammability V0, halogen-free
Conductivity partBrass (galvanic surfaced Sn)
Mounting partSteel (galvanic surfaced)
Ending for cover profileRSP 4,RSA 4,RSPA 4
Plug-in bridges RSP 4

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